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How To Build a Profitable Ecommerce Drop-Shipping Store Course

How To Build a Profitable Ecommerce Drop-Shipping Store Course


    Chapter 1: My Experience Building Ecommerce Businesses

    • My Own Journey Through the World of E Commerce
    • Understanding How Your Finished Store Will Look: Begin With the End in Mind
    • Skills You’ll Need to Develop or Outsource
    • Introducing Two Example Ecommerce Stores
    • Overview of the Process For Building Your Store

    Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Company and Suppliers

    1. Setting Up a Business Entity
    2. Determining What Products to Sell
    3. Avoid Purchasing Drop-ship Lists and Coaching Memberships
    4. Finding Suppliers
    5. Creating Dealer Accounts
    6. Creating Buyer Personas – Who Will You Sell To?

    Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Store

    • Register a Domain For Your Store
    • Fundamentals of How Websites Work
    • How to Choose an Online Shopping Cart System
    • Setting Up A Web Hosting Account
    • Merchant Accounts and Accepting Payments from Customers
    • Establishing Shipping Accounts For Your Online Store
    • Installing and Configuring the UPS Shipping Module for Woo Commerce
    • Installing and Configuring The UPS Shipping Module for a Big Commerce
    • Pointing Your Domain To Your Web Hosting Account
    • Setting Up A WordPress/Woo Commerce Shopping Cart
    • Setting Up a Big Commerce Store
    • Setting Up an SSL Certificate
    • Installing Google Analytics To Track Web Traffic
    • Getting Help Through Outsourcing

    Chapter 4: Publishing On Your Store

    1. Setting Up a Google Voice Phone Number
    2. Pages That Make Your Store Legitimate
    3. Google Ranking Signals – What Makes a Page Rank At The Top
    4. Website Structure – Laying Out Your Store For Maximum Exposure
    5. Publishing Web Pages That Have Purpose
    6. Adding Product and Category Pages to Your Store
    7. How Many Products Should You Publish In Your Store?
    8. Publishing Blog and Resource Content On Your Website

    Chapter 5: Getting Customers From The Internet

    • Tracking Your Ecommerce Store Using Google Analytics
    • Building Virtual Roads Leading To Your Ecommerce Store
    • The Battle Against Spammers
    • Using Keyword Research For Publishing Content
    • Creating A Content Repository To Use For Marketing
    • Getting Started With Social Media Marketing
    • The Symbiotic Relationship Between Landing Pages and Social Media Accounts
    • Understanding Ranking Authority – Open Site Explorer
    • Building Ranking Authority for Ecommerce Your Site
    • Local SEO – Putting Your Ecommerce Business On The Map
    • Submitting Your Store to Yelp and Other Business Directories
    • 30+ Websites to Get Links For Building Domain Authority
    • Getting Links to Your Ecommerce Store from Wikipedia
    • Link Building Through Press Releases
    • Link Building Through Video Publishing on YouTube
    • Building Links by Commenting on Blog Posts
    • Using RetailMeNot.com for Link Building
    • Using Your Twitter Account to Drive Traffic To Your Store

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