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Facebook Ads Training

The basics of Facebook page tabs—and what makes a compelling, clickable tab your readers won’t be able to resist.


    Chapter -1 Creating Your Optimized Facebook Funnel

    • The basics of Facebook page tabs—and what makes a compelling, clickable tab your readers won’t be able to resist.
    • How to determine your ideal visitor—because you can’t find her if you don’t know who she is.
    • How to find your unique competitive edge—this is the one thing that sets you apart from all the others, and when you get this right, you’ll be flooded with new opportunities!
    • How to prevent a funnel bottleneck—making this mistake will put an immediate end to your funnel (and your cash) flow!
    • Why you need to spend most of your efforts at the top of your funnel—and how this strategy translates to long-term growth and income opportunities.
    • 6 critical components every successful funnel must have – now is the time to ensure all the pieces are in place for a truly successful outcome

    Chapter - 2 Your Perfect Opt-In Gift

    1. 6 ways to discover what your perfect client really wants—and the number one thing to keep in mind above all else.
    2. The 5 most popular types of offers—these work in every industry and niche, and they’re easy to create, too!
    3. The easy way to create an opt-in offer FAST
    4. How to know you have a winner—this one tip will put an end to the guesswork (and eliminate wasted time and frustration).
    5. How to create an opt-in page that converts—the most valuable incentive in your industry won’t work if your opt-in page is unappealing.
    6. Two tools that make quick work of creating beautiful opt-in pages
    7. 6 elements every opt-in page must have—miss even one of these, and you’ll lose potential subscribers!
    8. Step-by-step instructions for creating your download page—no more technical stumbling blocks!
    9. What to include in your follow-up email—this is the start of your relationship building, so it’s critical to get this right.

    Chapter - 3 Putting Together Your Money Making Offer

    • Determine your true objectives—subscribers aren’t the only goal, especially if your page is new.
    • Develop your paid offer—starting your ad campaign before you have this fleshed out is a recipe for disaster.
    • Take a look at why exclusivity sells—and how you can create an offer that’s irresistible.
    • Put other people content to work for you, saving you time and money.
    • Do a final setup check—and ensure you’re not missing any critical components that might derail your campaign.
    • Cover 6 ways to build your social media following—do these first, and your ads will be even more effective.

    Chapter - 4 Creating Effective, Highly Targeted Facebook Ads

    1. The vital difference between promoted posts and dark posts—and why one might be better than the other
    2. The magic of retargeting—and how this powerful tool can keep you in front of the most interested audiences automatically.
    3. How easy it is to navigate the scary technical stuff—I’ll walk you through it in a way that makes perfect sense (even if you’re a total technophobe).
    4. How to leverage the power of related offers—because once you’re on their radar, it’s easier to grab their interest.
    5. How tracking pixels work—and how to create and use them.
    6. How to track your results—because unless you know what isn’t working, you can’t begin to fix it.
    7. The key element of a truly irresistible offer—seed your funnel with this, and you simply cannot fail!

    Chapter - 5 Here's What's Included in Your Sales +Marketing Materials Kit

    • Understanding Facebook
    • Creating Your Funnel
    • Who Needs Funnels with Advertising?
    • The Benefits of Facebook Connected Sales Funnels
    • The Drawbacks
    • Selling Your Project
    • Setting Up Your Facebook Ad to Send Traffic to Your Squeeze Page
    • Webinar Registration Page Copy that you can copy and paste into your own lead page to get signups for your free webinar
    • PowerPoint Slides for Your Webinar so you don’t have to start from scratch

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