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Beginner App Maker

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    Internet Marketing For Schools

    Course: An Introduction To Building Apps for Smart Phones
    (Project: Beginner App Maker – BAM!)

    Project Beginners App Maker – BAM! is a new app development program developed by Menon Media.

    It is developed with the goal of empowering young children Towards Learning The Skills of The 21st Century.

    Why Students Should Attend This Course:

    Right now, we can safely say that we are in the digital age revolution. However unlike the industrial age revolution of the past, the digital age revolution looks set to stay and grow at a skyrocket pace. Schools now play a critical role in ensuring students are prepared to succeed in this digital age and are equipped with the skill competencies required for this digital age.

    Students will need a higher level of skills or the means to acquire these skills if they are to succeed in this digital age. They need the right skills and competencies to become lifelong learners to keep pace with future development and to adapt to a constantly changing work/life environment.

    In line with the fast pace of technological change, students will need to have a wide range of competencies suited for the digital age. They need to know how to access and critically analyse information, be adept at cross disciplinary work, be highly skilled at problem solving and be able to work independently or in teams.

    Encouraging your students to have a hands-on approach in developing technology will give them the opportunity to build more confidence and also allow them to become well-equipped users of information and communication technology.

    What Students Will Learn:

    • Research – How to pick the right categories for your apps before you begin.
    • Setting up the app marketplaces the right way.
    • How to select an app name the correct way
    • How people can easily find your app!
    • Graphics and design elements you need to understand in order to make your Apps as attractive and impulse-buy-worthy as possible.
    • How to design basic graphics for your Apps
    • An in-depth walk-through of the app building platform, which we will use to construct all of the apps that we release into the marketplace.
    • How to build your 1st app for free!
    • How to Smart Test your apps so we know what works and what doesn’t
    • All the steps you need to get your apps ready to be submitted into the Application Markets.
    • The approval process and how to get approved at the market place.

    Student Skills Area Developed by Participating in Project BAM!

    1. Information & Communication Skills

       Information and Media Literacy Skills

    By working on Project BAM!, students learn to select, create, and manage multiple forms of media, including text, images, animation, and audio recordings. As students gain experience creating with media, they become more perceptive and critical in analyzing the media they see in the world around them.

    Communication Skills

    Effective communication in today’s world requires more than the ability to read and write text. Project BAM! engages young people in choosing, manipulating, and integrating a variety of media in order to ex-press themselves creatively and persuasively.t.

    1. Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

       Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking

    As they learn to program in Project BAM!, young people become engaged in critical reasoning and systems thinking. In order to build projects, students need to coordinate the timing and interactions between multiple “sprites” (programmable moving objects). The ability to program interactive input provides students direct experience with sensing, feedback, and other fundamental systems concepts.

    Problem Identification, Formulation & Solution

    BAM! supports problem finding and solving in a meaningful design context. Creating a Project BAM! project requires thinking of an idea, then figuring out how to break the problem into steps and implement them using BAM!programming blocks. BAM! is designed to be “tinkerable”: students can dynamically make changes and immediately see the results. Throughout the design process, students engage in experimenting and iterative problem-solving.

    Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity

    Project BAM! encourages creative thinking, an increasingly important skill in today’s rapidly changing world. ProjectBAM! involves young people in seeking innovative solutions to unexpected problems—not just learning how to solve a predefined problem, but being prepared to come up with new solutions as new cha llenges arise.

    1. Interpersonal & Self-Directional Skills

       Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

    Project BAM! apps are built online and visually. The visual objects and modular structure supports collaboration, enabling students to work together on projects and exchange ideas.


    Taking an idea and figuring out how to create it in BAM!requires persistence and practice. When young people work on project ideas they find personally meaningful, their ideas provide internal motivation for overcoming challenges and frustrations encountered in the design and problem-solving process.

    Accountability and Adaptability

    When students create BAM! projects, they have an audience in mind, and need to think about how other people will react and respond to their projects. Since Scratch projects are easy to change and re- vise, students can modify their projects based on feedback from others.

    Social Responsibility

    Because BAM! programs are shareable, students can useBAM! to provoke discussion of important issues with other members of their immediate learning environment, as well as with the wider international BAM! community.

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