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At Singapore Internet Marketing Academy(SIMA), we are relentlessly committed to providing the most current and “in-demand” skills training opportunities and resources to help you win more clients, earn more income and build a thriving business in 2011 and beyond!

SIMA adopts a special emphasis in each of its online marketing programmes, on the role of online marketing as it applies to sales lead generation and sales engagement. Our focus on sales is seen as closer to the core of their businesses and therefore more relevant, without waffle and presented in a business language that can be understood.

Our training courses are differentiated by this sales emphasis and combine four competencies – business management, marketing, direct selling and online marketing as distinct from marketing.

To Be A Leading Training And Knowledge Center, Empowering The Global Business Community By Specialist Quality Content In The Area Of Digital Marketing.

To educate and empower SMEs, SMBs, Professional Services and Entrepreneurs in the APAC region by providing access to quality digital marketing content and delivering actionable skills to improve their productivity and profits.

In a world where Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account forabout 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide, Singapore is no diferent. Infact in Singapore, 180,000 local SMEs make up 99% of the enterprises and contribute to nearly half of the GDP while employing 70% of the workforce. SMEs are key engines of job creation and economic growth in nations around the world.

In these ever-changing times, SMEs must transform their business models and marketign strategies and be ready to capture growth opportunities . They must be nimble enough to keep up with the technology changes that are happening ever so rapidly.

Singapore is a nation built on enterprise and to that end, at SIMA we take pride in helping local enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore’s products and services.

At SIMA, we understand that this is no small feat for many SMEs. It is not easy taking the first steps to upgrade, restructure and seek sustained change.

This is why SIMA is committed to partnering you on this journey to enable your success. We are committed to delivering actionable skills to your staff and you, from conception to advancement, to your continual business success.

We are committed to support your company to grow from strength to strength by providing the marketing knowledge that will propel you businesss to greater heights.

Together, we can take your business to the next level.

Most of our management training courses in online and social media marketing can be provided to you in two ways:

1. As a training course available as a seminar to members of the public or your company directly.

2. As in-house team training programmes ranging from one day to several days spread over 8 – 10 weeks.

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